Available Equipment

  • Canoes
  • Kayaks
  • Transport YOUR PERSONAL Equipment

Availability Information

  • Trips start at Dusk (changes each month)
  • 2021: TUESDAY June 14: WEDNESDAY, July 13: THURSDAY, August 11: SATURDAY, September 10:(weather permitting)
  • Call for reservations!
  • Just $45 per person includes everything but your headlamp!

On or near the full moon each month (weather depending), Wisner's holds their Full Moon Night Trips.

The trip begins at dusk where every one meets at Wisner's in Newaygo. There they get geared up for a fantastic night of fun like you have never had before! Everyone loads into Cool Buses, goes up to Thornapple and gets into the kayaks or canoes already located there. All paddle leisurely to 'the island' where we stop and enjoy a fire and roast s'mores and have plenty of great snacks provided by Wisner's.

As the smaller groups are finished on the island, their guide will take them the rest of the way down the river to Newaygo where the trip ends. This trip is amazing because you have to partially rely on your other senses to make your way down the river (well, that and your guide!). This trip has become quite the favorite for our crew and regulars. Once you paddle the river under a full moon, you will not want to miss one ever again! So, reserve early and plan on having a GREAT time!

You must provide your own head lamp.
Life jackets are required to be worn.
You must be at least 18 or have special permission from Wisner's.
Alcohol is discouraged but if you bring your own, make sure it is not in glass.

This trip is located on the Muskegon River.