Planning a family reunion? School Reunion? Just a group of friends getting together? But you don't really want to be responsible for everyone else? Let our new reservation system do the work for you:
Tell your group which trip and time to book and put "-Your Group Name" after theirs on their reservation so we know you are all together. Everyone is responsible for their own reservation but still get to go as a group! If the online system says that time slot is full just use the one just before or after and we will do our best to make it work out for you.

If you have a large group that you want to gather the money for and save some money, we know it is not easy so we reward you with $'s off per person, depending on how many you have: use the regular rates, then apply the discounts as listed depending on the number of people you have. We want you to know that we appreciate your hard work putting the group together!

Businesses: Book a trip during the week and save! It's less busy during the week so we're able to give you the special attention you deserve. We really appreciate your business.

Group Rates:

NOTE - these do not auto apply when you reserve online! You have to call in to get these deals:
deduct $1.00 / person for each 15 - 24 people**

deduct $2.00 / person for each 25 - 34 people**

deduct $3.00 / person for each 35 + people**

Note: **Group rates ONLY apply if group makes one payment, not individual payments. Some restrictions may apply, call for details!

Churches, schools, camps etc.: Discounts are available for your favorite group. We love to help give youth and adults from schools, churches, youth groups and camps the opportunity to experience a fun day on the beautiful Muskegon River. You must call to reserve these trips / to get the special rates.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday in July and August & Holidays: Take $1 off per person then use the group rate chart above. (must be paid for as a group, not individually)
Monday - Thursday in July and August and seven days in May /June / Sept / Oct : Take $2 off per person then use the group rate chart above. (must be paid for as a group, not individually)

Questions & Reservations:

Please call us anytime with your questions and requests - We would love to help you enjoy a great trip on the Beautiful Muskegon River! @ 231-652-6743