Rafting is the way to go! Experience the peace of the river on a raft. They are very difficult to tip over so they're ideal for kids. You can straddle the sides like a horse or lay with your back on one side with your feet propped on the other. For additional comfort, choose a larger raft.

If you're really special or just in the "Queen of Sheba" mood, ask and we'll make sure you end up with only one paddle - so you can just "direct".


$50.00 - 2-People in Raft
$75.00 - 3-People in Raft
$100.00 - 4-People in Raft

Mixes well with:

Tubes. If you're with Canoers or Kayakers, they should expect to pull over and wait for you often because they travel twice as fast as rafts and tubes.

2-Person Raft

4-Person Raft

3-Person Raft