Newaygo to Anderson Flats - 4 mile trip

Available Equipment

  • Canoes
  • Kayaks
  • Tubes
  • Fishing Boats
  • Transport YOUR PERSONAL Equipment

FALL - Availability Information

  • Start anytime, and currently, pickups are scheduled based on departures / reservations.. Trip ends at MILE MARKER 18!

Newaygo to Anderson Flats Public Access is our short tubing and rafting trip. Until this year we did not allow alcohol for our customers on this trip but due to DNR changes in the amount of people we can allow through our 6 mile trip, we have added this as a 'regular' trip. The only difference is because we have to have people ride back on the bus, they cannot be intoxicated or rude and ride on the bus with other customers. If someone is rude on the bus, even if it is in route, the bus will stop and the rude person will be let off of the bus. Non rude people will get priority on trip back. Thank you for understanding.

The trip runs approximately 2 - 2.5 hours and you can still take your time on the trip, but it is a bit more challenging because we either need to schedule a pick-up time or have the customer bring a cell and call us when they are close to the end of the trip. On busy weekends, we will just pick up every hour on the half hour starting at 2:00 - 6:00pm- in the fall we pick up base on reserved departure times.

Last departure - Leave landing at 2:00 (if not ready, you cannot go. Sorry.)

Anyone leaving within a half an hour of these last departure times will need to provide a credit card card deposit of $20 per person. Should you all return by 7:00PM your charge will be voided.

Sorry for any inconvenience - these new policies are due to changes from the City of Newaygo Park lease - we are not allowed to use it after 8pm so we need you back and cleaned off by then or we get charged. Thank you for understanding.

The trip is beautiful and tends to be the perfect trip for families with smaller children that may want to get out and enjoy the river without committing to an entire day on the water.

This trip is located on the Muskegon River.