All time favorite way to escape the heat. Remember your river shoes because the rocks can be sharp. If you are not an experienced river swimmer, you need to wear a life jacket. Kids love to tube, but if you have smaller children why not also rent a tube so they can trade off or get into the raft if they get cold or tired.

Tubing Rates

Single Person Tube: $20.00 each
Cooler Tube: $10.00 each (includes rope) (ONLY those renting our tubes can rent our cooler tubes!)
Cooler Tube and OUR Cooler: $15.00 each (includes rope)

All rates include: Life-jacket if you need one to wear and transportation.
Single person tubes do not include rope - it is only provided by WRC if renting cooler tubes.
Coolers and Cooler Tubes are only for those renting OUR tubes or paying for transportation with us.

Special Information Regarding Tubes:

  • Reservations are required on weekends to guarantee equipment in July and August (we do get booked for tubes).
  • Rope is only provided for those renting Cooler Tubes to tie to 4 Single Tubes. If you wish to tie together your whole group please bring rope.
  • $20.00 Single Person Tube includes transportation.
  • $10.00 Cooler Tube: Raft style rectangular tube with a bottom in it made for coolers.
  • $15.00 Floating Cooler: Cooler Tube and one of our coolers (variety of sizes available).

    ON WEEKENDS we run short on Cooler Tubes so: COOLER TUBES only rented to people renting our tubes (none to people with their own tubes - must rent at least two rentals to get cooler tube)

    NO COOLER TUBES to people with rafts - the rafts are big enough to fit at least four people and a large cooler.

    At least two rental tubes for one COOLER TUBE

    Four rental tubes get one cooler tube.


Tube: Single Person Tubes $20.00 each

Cooler Tube Extra Tube with bottom (includes rope) $10.00 for YOUR cooler

New style Floating Cooler includes: Cooler Tube, Cooler and Rope $15.00